8 28 2018 Piano Lesson Assignment and Notes


The song Jungle Wedding is where he plays every “C and F” combination along the whole of the piano from low to high along with the music. The main goal here is that he learn to identify where C and F are on the piano easily. Due to the wide range of the piece, I think it’s best if he stand at the piano, rather than sit, so he can move quickly and easily.

He’s becoming now familiar with all the white key names of the piano (music alphabet) and beginning to utlilize such. He needs to know that CDE are below every group of two black keys and that FGAB are below every group of three black keys.

On page 76, is when he uses his first true white-key position on the piano will be C Major Position which uses CDEFG in both hands. 

But until then, the book has him playing some some songs focusing on just learning the white key names.