7 27 2018 Piano Lesson Notes and Assignment


Also, I like that Wally is able to keep improving TTLS over a period of weeks as a sort of finger practice training and memorization exercise. I’d like to emphasize that he keep his hand in good position whenever he’s playing. Eventually, and quite soon, he should be able to play the whole song without mistake with both hands. Singing while playing at the same time is also very helpful.

The Writing Book (mentioned above in the picture) pages only focus on Wally using finger 2-3-4 in both RH and LH. 

For the songs, Monsieur Mouse and Raccoon’s Lullaby, he should be able to play with the music (including repeat) with a strong tone playing the whole song correctly. It’s helpful if you can have him play it perhaps five time in a row as you and he listen to whether there were any mistakes. We then want to take steps to try to eliminate the mistake.

Sorry for my lapse in getting these notes to you lately, my and student schedules have been somewhat haphazard over this summer. I’ll miss seeing you guys this week but look forward to seeing you next Tuesday!