Starting Voice Lessons

The voice is the original musical instrument.  There is no culture, no matter how remote or ancient, that does not include the art of singing.  Just think about some of the benefits that have been associated with singing: it improves breathing and blood flow, the brain releases “feel-good” chemicals including endorphins, it relieves stress, it inspires self-expression and taps into the inner artist.

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind as you embark on your vocal journey:

1. Everyone can improve their voice, but it will require daily practice.  Since the singing voice is composed of several muscle groups, consistent repetition is the best way to train them.  Therefore, it is recommended to schedule 15 min each day or 30 every other day to practice.

2. Lifestyle will affect the quality of your singing.  Remember, you are the instrument.  So just as you would carefully avoid damaging a piano or violin, singers are conscience of factors like diet, exercise, sleep, avoiding smoking and vaping, etc.  The healthier you keep your body, the quicker you will see results in your singing.

3. The broader the base, the taller the tower.  At Open Lid, you can pursue your passion.  Whether you want to sing jazz, pop, r&b or rock, our instructors have the experience to help you reach your goals.  All voice students are trained classically as a foundation. Think of classical training as a broad base on which every other genre can stand.  There will be no limit to how tall your stylistic tower can climb with a strong foundation of vocal aptitude while you enjoy singing various types of music for the rest of your life!