Starting Age for Voice Lessons

These two questions are often asked by parents: “Is it safe for a young child to take private voice lessons?” and “What is the earliest age one can begin?”  Let’s answer those individually…

1. Is it safe for young children to take voice lessons?  Yes.  From the moment your child entered the world, their vocal cords have been fully engaged, even when you wish they weren’t in the middle of the night.  Children naturally sing in everyday life with many benefits, including improved language and communication skills and boosted self-confidence. However, it is to be stressed that the body of a young child is still developing, including the voice and all muscles that control it.  Therefore it can be potentially dangerous for a child to sing with the same vocal demand as a teen or adult. At Open Lid, your child’s safety is our first priority. They will explore the joy and beauty of singing songs appropriate to their age while maintaining a safe range and technique.

2. What is the earliest age my child can take voice lessons?  Theoretically, as soon as a child can talk, he can learn to sing.  As early as 5 or 6, mature children have the attention span and commitment to learn and practice new songs.  It is important to be aware of the physical changes that the body and voice go through before, during and after puberty.  Before this change, the vocal cords are thin and both male and female ranges will be high. During the delicate stage of puberty, the cords thicken causing the female voice to become breathy, husky, and unsteady, while the male voice drops significantly in range and often “cracks” when speaking.  This is the time to work through the full vocal scope with good technique and introduce natural vibrato. Vocal cords reach maturity around 18 years old. With a good foundation from an early age, your child can continue to sing confidently with a healthy, long-lasting and beautiful voice.