Skype Lessons

To have the option of being taught over Skype, there are some unique things to think about and some equipment you’ll need to make the best of the lessons.

Equipment List:

  • Two camera tripods

  • Current, well-running laptop

  • Two webcams

  • External speaker

  • Fast, reliable internet connection

  • Good, USB microphone

  • ManyCam video software

  • Your own piano at home

Some people may already have some of this equipment but even if you had none of it, the expense is reasonable to get started. Assuming you already have a laptop, internet and a piano, the other equipment may cost you less than $400, depending on the quality of the equipment.

Skype lessons are quite effective for teaching and have several advantages. There are also some drawbacks but these may be completely offset by the advantages. The main drawbacks to me are the loss of the personal, face-to-face interaction, the teachers’ inability to guide a students hands during the lesson, and the difficulty of writing and studying a score together.