06 18 2018 Piano Lesson Notes and Assignments


Thanks for coming to Koretown today! I believe it’s important that especially Luis Fernando use the accompanying music CD in his practice. I know it’s a little more work but if he could have one parent sitting next to him guiding him to the best of their ability each day (even for just maybe 3 times repeating and trying the song), he will learn the songs more securely and play in a “musical” way.

Having the parent next to him will just assist in keeping the focus. He only needs small, but regular, sessions at this point so that’s the easy part (the short sessions).

Please let me know if you have any question. 

06 15 2018 Piano Lesson Notes


A big thing that would help Luis Fernando is for him to play along with the CD that goes along with his book. He can hear how the song goes and the recording will “push “ him along in a good way. He won’t get th songs perfect on the first few tries, of course. But, with regularity, he will end up playing really well. If it does get frustrating for him, he can then practice without the CD but then he should come back to it later when he’s better at playing the song.