06 20 2018 Lesson Notes and Assignment


I assigned a specific song within Piano Maestro for Lola called “Greensleeves”. This song uses only notes that Lola knows, so I t’s perfect for her. Yet, it’s a little more challenging than the songs in Chapters 1 and 2 in the “Journey” part of Piano Maestro. When you click on Greensleeves, you’ll see a green button labeled “Learn”. This will help her to learn the song in a step-by-step fashion where she has to master one specific part before going on to the next.

For the songs in her regular piano books, if she’s able to play with the music on the CD this will help her so much in her progress!

She does quite well with the flash cards we are working on so you can go over those with her in just a couple minutes and it’s fun :)