06 18 2018 Piano Lesson Notes and Assignments


Great lesson today, I had fun! You have a great foundation to build on. If you have any gaps in your knowledge, it’s okay, and we can fill those in with time. 

Remember, with everything you play, to “project” the sound so it doesn’t seem like you are too shy through the piano. This is called playing “through the key” or playing “to the bottom of the key”.

06 18 2018 Lesson Plan for First Lesson with Mr. Corona


Hello Jolie! Above is an outline of what we could do on our first lesson so that we have a plan for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing you! One goal would be to select some nice music that you will LOVE to play and practice. 

If you have some pages done in your theory book that’s great. You can always ask if you have any theory questions. 

See you tomorrow! :)